About Me

I have been working within the creative sector for just over 10 years now and through my diverse experiences I have learnt many different skills. From working as a textile screen printer to running my own accessories business, I have always had a strong passion to make things and being practical with my hands is what I thrive at most.

My Upholstery journey began in May 2015 on a weekend course making a traditional footstool. I was bored with my current job at the time and I was simply looking to learn a new practical skill.  After my first day learning the basics of this historical craft I was instantly hooked. Since then I have gained my AMUSF qualifications at the London Metropolitan University and had a total career change because of it.

So far being an Upholsterer has been very rewarding, interesting and challenging; both mentally and physically at times.  It is definitely a job that keeps on giving, everyday I learn something new with each project that I work on.